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#StudySaturday: The Simple Stuff

For the first #StudySaturday, we will cover the more simple stuff. Like tips that actually work for most people. Hopefully, I can get us through the school year!

This is a series that will cover all sorts of helpful study tips and hacks for the school year.

Tip 1- Schedule Your Time

Schedule your time. It allows you to keep on track and divide your time accordingly, that way you can take appropriately sized breaks. For my schedule, I have half an hour to finish homework, then a half hour break, followed by an hour of any studying that needs to be done, broken up in the middle by an episode of BTV, or as they are more commonly called, the Billy Talent Vlogs. If you divide your time and take structured break, you are less likely to overload your brain.

Tip 2- Comfy Clothes

Wear clothes that you are comfortable in. If nothing is scratching at you or too tight or if there’s nothing on your wrist, you are more likely to focus on the task at hand. Sweatpants and tank tops are the ideal.

Tip 3- Food

You need to eat while studying. Keep a healthy snack close by like carrot sticks or in my case, some sliced peppers. Anything healthy that you enjoy eating. Prepare before you study and keep them close by so that they are within reach when you need to eat without leaving your seat.

Tip 4- Be Preapared

If you need to have certain things with you for certain subjects, make sure you’ve gathered everything before you start. If you don’t need to get up and walk back and forth to get things from your schoolbag, you are less likely to get distracted.

Tip 5- Reward Yourself

Set a reward for when you are finished studying. It can be anything from going to see a movie with friends or snuggling up in a blanket with some hot chocolate to read a book. Or re-read. If you set a small reward for yourself at the end, it motivates you to get the shit that you need to finish done.

I hope that you enjoyed the first #StudySaturday. Please follow my blog and like my posts to encourage me to keep sharing my ideas with you guys! Please enjoy your day and I will see you later!



One thought on “#StudySaturday: The Simple Stuff

  1. Reblogged this on Little Miss Talent and commented:

    On my lifestyle blog, the very first #Study/saturday was simple tips that work. I thought I;d share them here with you gys, because I know how hard studying is, and we really don’t want to do it, but we need to and i think that these tips really will make it easier.


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